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Our Mission and Goals

Providing transformative learning experiences to the Illinois community

The Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations (OIIR) seeks to improve campus climate by providing transformative learning experiences to the Illinois community that result in an appreciation for diversity and cross-cultural engagement. We offer a variety of programs, interactive classes, and workshops that provide tools that will allow students to develop the life skills needed to thrive in a diverse society.

In an increasingly pluralistic and complex global society, OIIR empowers students to be active and responsible participants and leaders within the campus and beyond. We want to ensure that today’s students will be better equipped to meet their leadership goals and give back to communities as contributing members of today’s society.

As part of a university-wide effort, OIIR works to increase the numbers of diverse and underrepresented students at the University of Illinois. Our centers actively recruit underrepresented students to come to the university by coordinating effective, informative programs which they take to high school students, counselors, and parents.

One of the primary goals of OIIR is to reduce the graduation rate gap that exists between racially underrepresented and white students. Our programs provide opportunities for students to network and build support systems of resources, staff, and their peers from all over campus. OIIR also sponsors programs that seek to improve the graduation rates of women in the STEM fields. By encouraging and supporting students through programs that enhance the Illinois Experience, OIIR works to ensure the success of all Illinois students and enhance our commitment to creating a caring, inclusive campus.

View this powerpoint to learn more about OIIR and its eight units.