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Lunch on Us

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Join OIIR for a noontime discussion, and learn something new. Featuring speakers, panels, and resources at the University of Illinois, all lunches introduce you to the cultures, histories, and societal issues that the diverse communities of our campus face. Programs take place from noon to 1 pm and at the specific center hosting (unless otherwise noted). Lunches are paid for in part by the Student Cultural Programming Fee. 

Spring 2022 (schedule is still being finalized)


Quench | Hosted by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center


Dish It Up | Hosted by the Women's Resources Center

February 14: "Love is" presented by Bria Thurman and Priyanka Zylstra- Women's Resources Center Domestic Violence Awareness Committee

February 28: Celebrating Black Women's History in Champaign-Urbana, presented by Imani Bazzell, Director-Root Causes and Founder-SisterNet

March 7: Gender Equity and Sustainable Development: U.N. International Women's Day, presented Jackie Genova, Global Goals Ambassador- United Nations Association of Chicago

March 28: LA FUERZA: Creating a Latina Feminist Archive, presented by Mariana Gutierrez, Advocacy and Wellness Coordinator- Women's Resources Center

April 11: Women Also Know Stuff, presented by Dr. Gisela Sin, Professor of Political Science- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

April 25: Period Justice: How You Can Advocate for Menstruation Equity, presented by CodeRed UIUC


Food For Thought | Hosted by the Asian American Cultural Center



Food For The Soul | Hosted by the Bruce D. African American Cultural Center



Lunch @ La Casa | Hosted by La Casa Cultural Latina



Conversation Cafe | Hosted by Diverstiy and Social Justice Education

February 11: Improvisation & Disruption along the Parable Path CU, presented by Stacey Robinson & Jason Finkelman

February 18: Building Community through Reentry, presented by Marlon Mitchell & Crushion Stubbs

February 25: Faith, Race, Loss, and Radical Hope presented by Jennifer Bailey

March 4: "Born & Raised" Film, presented by Jacqueline Lyon & Christian Mejia

March 25: Bad Fat Black Girl: Notes From A Trap Feminist, presented by Sesali Bowen

April 1: NAACP- Champaign County presented by Minnie Pearson & Thom Moore

April 8: In The Wake of Unit 4's Resolution Against Racism, presented by Ken Salo, Anegla Ward, Brenda Taylor