2020 Black & Latina Womxn's Summit

2020 BLWS banner

BLWS is pleased to announce our 5th Annual Black and Latina Womxn Summit.

The purpose of BLWS is to provide an opportunity for Black and Latina Womxn to build coalitions as well as discuss issues of Womxnhood. The summit also provides a space to develop strategies to achieve academic success, professional, development and wellness. We are happy to welcome students, community members, staff, and faculty from various high schools and universities to participate in these critical discussions.

On Saturday, February 29th 2020 BLWS will host the event at the I-Hotel Confrence Center! Please register in advance and join us!

Registration CLOSED: https://forms.illinois.edu/sec/2642555

To Submit Workshop Proposals CLOSED: https://forms.illinois.edu/sec/1896352