Las Posadas

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La Posada is a traditional celebration practiced in most Latin American countries as well as the United States, Cuba (Parrandas), and the Philippines (Panunulúyan pageant) in December. It consists of knocking door to door singing traditional songs ending with a big celebration with food, music, candy, piñatas and games. It brings the community together and celebrates the beginning of winter festivities. Students participate at this event by singing, serving food, learning about different ways La Posada is celebrated, assisting in craft tables, and introducing each other to various ways of community building and networking. The main purpose of sponsoring this event is to bring students together and celebrate traditional roots that are celebrated in various countries. Registered Student Organizations host several booths that educate U of I students, staff, and faculty as well as community members on how this event has been celebrated throughout Latin America, the U.S. and other countries.