Our Programs

Photo of a mural depicting a central figure with wings. One wing is made of metal and one wing is made of leaves.

La Casa Cultural Latina’s programs are designed to address and integrate our six strategic foci:

  • Cultural celebrations such as Dia de los Muertos & Las Posadas create a sense of cultural pride on campus and Dinner Dialogues present issues of importance to students and the Latinx community at large.
  • New Student Programs, META, and ally-building workshops create a sustained sense of campus inclusivity.
  • Programs to enhance networking skills and professional development feature active collaborations with such campus units as the Illinois Leadership Center and The Career Center.
  • Community outreach programs such as Latina/o Family Visit Day assist Illinois students’ appreciation of the Latina/o community beyond the university, while promoting higher education to Latinx youth.
  • The creation of the Latina/Latino Alumni Association and other professional outreach programs strengthens the Latina/o community network across Illinois and beyond.
  • Focus groups and public forums ensure that student, alumni, and community voices resonate throughout La Casa Cultural Latina.

The programs and events held at La Casa are free and open to university students, faculty, and staff as well as community members and guests of the university.