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Global Leaders: Orange and Blue Engagement (GLOBE)

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Global Leaders Orange and Blue Engagement

GLOBE connects Blue members (current university students) with Orange members (new students) and teams them up in small and large groups to participate in various activities and events throughout the semester. Please fill out the interest form here.

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The goal of GLOBE is to provide opportunities for domestic and international students to enhance intercultural communication skills, leadership experience, and lifelong friendships, and “help all students develop global awareness and cultural competency," as outlined in the strategic plan of the University of Illinois.

GLOBE is the program for you, if you are interested in the following:

  • Learning about other cultures
  • Looking for opportunities to engage students with different backgrounds
  •  Studying abroad
  • Planing to work in multinational corporations overseas after graduation
  • Promoting communication between international and domestic students
  • Building international friendships
  • Developing global leadership skills
  • Contributing to a welcoming and inclusive climate
  • Enhancing the globalization of the Illinois campus
  • Getting involved in campus life
  • and more...

GLOBE is the recipient of 2018 Student Affairs Outstanding Program AwardTo learn more about the program, see the article in Daily Illini, and a student's journey

For inquiries, please email