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Dish It Up | Lunch on Us Series

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Dish It Up: Spring 2022 "Everyday Equity"

Join us for our Dish It Up/Lunch on Us Series at the Women's Resources Center every other Monday at noon (12 p.m. CST), while listening to speakers, lecturers, and panelists explore a variety of topics at the intersection of gender and other social identities. Dish It Up and the Lunch on Us programs from OIIR offer a unique opportunity to engage with your peers in a rewarding discussion of identity, social phenomena, and justice on campus.

About the theme: Issues of gender equity emerge in our lives every day in almost every space and intersect with other social and environmental issues.  Gendered scripts and expectations impact our economic security, health, safety, education, experiences with criminal justice and immigration, human rights, humanitarian aid, climate resilience, and participation in democracy.  This spring, the Women’s Resources Center is taking a look at gender equity its many forms as well as how women-identified leaders are working to flip those scripts, challenge norms, and fight for equality and justice.  

Should you require any additional accommodations (large print programs, ASL interpreter, visual/audio assistance, etc.), please contact the Women's Resources Center at, or phone at 217.333.3137 at your earliest convenience. 

  • February 14 - "Love is" presented by Bria Thurman and Priyanka Zylstra, Women's Resources Center Domestic Violence Awareness Program Committee
  • February 28 - Dignity by Design, Imani Bazzell, Director, Root Causes and Founder, SisterNet
  • March 7 - Designing Cities for Women: how inclusive public infrastructure can support women's safety and mobility needs in new city developments, Jackie Genova, Global Goals Ambassador, United Nations Association of Chicago
  • March 28 - LA FUERZA: Creating a Latina Feminist Archive presented by Mariana Gutierrez, Advocacy and Wellness Coordinator, Women's Resources Center
  • April 11 - Women Also Know Stuff presented by Dr. Gisela Sin, Professor of Political Science, UIllinois
  • April 25 - Period Justice: How You Can Advocate for Menstruation Equity presented by CodeRed UIUC


Paid for in part by Student Cultural Programming Fee. A PDF of this calendar can be accessed here. For a complete listing of OIIR’s Lunch on Us program, view the full schedule.

Curious what past Dish It Up: Lunch on Us events have included? Learn more, here (or for an accessible PDF, here).