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Women’s Resources Center Library

At the Women’s Resources Center we have tried to keep on hand materials of interest to students related to women, gender expression, issues that affect women, literature by and about women, films and music and other publications. Additionally, we have pamphlets and brochures especially relevant to supporting individuals who have experienced trauma or are trying to get assistance to recover from issues such as addiction, eating disorders, or discrimination. We also have a fairly broad collection of ’zines (self-published “magazines” generally artistic and/or political in nature). All materials are available for check-out with identification. The library is available during any hours the WRC is open.

We are also always available to make suggestions on where to look for additional materials on related topics or to be interviewed by students who are writing a course paper related to any of the topics we deal with at the women’s center. Please contact the WRC or call 217.333.3137 to talk with someone.