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Use these campus resources to expand and deepen your networks and connections. Let the BNAACC staff know how we can further help!

Drop-in Services:

Sit with Sankofa- Sankofa is the Black student outreach team in the Counseling Center. Sit With Sankofa is a partnership through the BNAACC and the Counseling Center to provide students with the opportunity to connect with Counseling Center staff. It also serves as a barometer for students to check their mental wellness status. Please note, this is not a counseling session, however, if more in-depth services are needed the staff available can talk through resources and how to make an appointment.

BNAACC Resources:

BNAACC Affiliated Student Organization application   

BNAACC Student Employment Application

Department of African American Studies

The Career Center

The Counseling Center

Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

Illinois Leadership Center

The Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of Minority Student Affairs

Office for Student Conflict Resolution