PSYC 340/341 IDP

Practicum/Supervision in Facilitating Intergroup Dialogue

This 8-credit hour, 2 semester series (4 credit hours per semester) is designed to provide students with practical experience with dialogue groups and supervised experience in facilitating diversity and social justice dialogue courses. The independent study course is open to students who have successfully completed PSYC 496 IDP. This course requires applied work in facilitating an intergroup dialogue.

The course will meet for 2 hours per week for 15 weeks and will be taught by Diversity and Social Justice Education staff. During the first nine weeks of the semester, students are supervised in designing and implementing an intergroup dialogue outline that familiarizes them with the histories, issues and concerns of the groups represented by those in the course they will lead in the second half of the semester. Students also serve for two hours each week of the last seven weeks of the semester as co-facilitators in EPSY 203 Intergroup Dialogue courses

Class time throughout the semester will include reviewing group dialogue techniques, discussing group issues and intervention strategies, exploring related theories/models, and discussing relevant articles pertaining to facilitation. Other topics addressed in the supervision seminars include: group dynamics, theory and practice, in/out-group conflict, intergroup communication and community building, and methods of attending to personal issues when facilitating

PSYC 341 IDP follows a similar format to the PSYC 340 IDP, and places increased emphasis on developing skills and knowledge related to applying theory and research to practical applications within the dialogue courses.