30th Anniversary Celebration

About the 30th Anniversary

In 2023, the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center will be celebrating its 30 year anniversary of being an on-campus unit. First having opened in 1993, the GSRC has since undergone many evolutions and changes. These changes have been in response to our changing campus and broader society. Throughout the 2023 year we look forward to honoring and celebrating the rich history of our center and its role in creating a vibrant campus community for all of our LGBTQIA+, queer, non-binary, and gender nonconforming Illini family! 

The 30th Anniversary Planning Committee will begin meeting during the Spring of 2023 in order to prepare for the 30th Anniversary Gala and celebratory events taking place all throughout the Fall of 2023. The GSRC anticipates that our 30th Anniversary Gala will take place the first weekend of October 2023. 

30th Anniversary Theme

Currently, our Queer Campus Coalition is actively voting on the theme for the 30th Anniversary and more updates will be shared here at a later date.

Want to get involved?

Are you interested in learning more about our 30th Anniversary? Do you want to get invovled with the planning process? Then feel free to contact the GSRC directly via gsrc@illinois.edu

We encourage folks to visit this page preodically for updates connected to our anniversary celebration.