Transgender Resources

Preferred Name

Can I use a preferred first name?

Yes, students can designate a preferred first name, which will be used on certain University Systems. These systems include class rosters, display name in Banner Self-Service, and the display name in learning managment systems (e.g. Blackboard, Compass, and Moodle),  most online phone directories, and on the University i-card.  The University will also retain your full legal name, which is used when required by the University (e.g. tax documents, contracts, academic transcripts, diplomas, and certain health records). Also students who enter or update a preferred name later than two weeks before the start of a semester may not see the preferred first name replicated in some systems for several days. More information here.

To set or change your preferred first name:

Students should enter Banner Student Self-Service and under Personal Information options, select Preferred First Name.  Follow given prompts.

Legal Name Change

The Student Legal Services does provide service of name changes. They are avaliable to undergraduate students who are enrolled at least six hours, or graduate students enrolled in at least 1.5 hours for the current semester and have paid the service fee. They have also created a brochure.

University Housing

University Housing has several undergraduate residence halls with a variety of options.
Allan Hall is coed by wind except for on Allen 1 North, where it is coed in room. And Allen 1 North wing bathroom is a gender-inclusive bathroom where individuals of any gender identitdy may use the same bathroom at the same time. 
Wassaja Hall has two clusters of gender-inclusive rooms that allow in-room coed.  Also all the bathrooms in the building are individual use. 
Nugent Hall has single or double rooms with individual-use bathrooms in close proximity. 

More Information found here.

Champaign-Urbana Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Refuge Restroom (In Progress)

Voice Training

The University of Illinois Speech-Language Pathology Clinic offers resonance and voice training for the transgender community. They offer highly individualized treatment to help achieve your communication goals.  The Speech-Langauge Pathology Clinic includes specialy designed treatment rooms that cater to both children and adults, an extensive library of evaluation and therapy tools, and free & accessible parking.