OIIR’s Commitment to Survivors

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You are not alone. We believe you.

The University of Illinois believes that all students have the right to lives free of violence. The OIIR cultural and resource centers are committed to providing support to all students, including survivors of stalking, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, and sexual violence, and take seriously our role in creating a campus community without abuse. You are not alone.

The Office of Inclusion & Intercultural Relations has and will continue to provide numerous programs, services, and resources to create a campus free of violence, and support survivors of stalking, and domestic, dating, and sexual violence. Current offerings include:

Support Services

The Women’s Resources Center is a designated confidential resource related to stalking, and sexual, domestic, and dating violence. Examples of support offered through the Women’s Resources Center include:

  • Advocacy: Support services include advocacy with significant others and parents, the criminal justice system, the student discipline system, or for academic needs.
  • Information and Referrals: For therapeutic needs on campus, in the community, in the home community or abroad.

The Women's Resources Center is located at 616 E. Green Street, Suite 202, Champaign (Google Map). To make an appointment, or for more information, call (217) 333-3137.

Intervention and Response Programs

  • ICARE: A sexual assault bystander intervention workshop designed for groups (campus organizations), to get students to think about ways they will take responsibility for preventing sexual violence and creating a safer campus. ICARE helps students better understand sexually disrespectful behaviors and positive intervention options. More about ICARE.

Prevention Programs

  • FYCARE (First Year Campus Acquaintance Rape Education): An interactive workshop with first-year students on campus sexual assault, heavily focused on consent. More about FYCARE.
  • GUARD: A consent and sexual assault prevention program for fraternities and sororities, offered each semester. More about GUARD.
  • I Heart Healthy Relationships: A workshop discussing what makes healthy (and unhealthy) relationships, offered to all interested groups and organizations.
  • Looking for something different? Additional programs can be requested through the Women’s Resources Center at womenscenter@illinois.edu.

Educational Programs and Awareness Building Efforts

If you or someone you know is in need of support, visit http://wecare.illinois.edu for in depth information about support services available across campus, local resources, prevention, and training programs.