Tech Safety Tips

Tech Safety Tips

While there will always be risks associated with the use of technology - particularly in terms of sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking - there are ways to help reduce those risks. Steps might include not sharing your password, changing your password, keeping your software updates, using anti-virus-anti-spying software, manging your WIFI network history, and/or using private browsing windows, among others safety precautions. We encourage you to explore the following resources to decide what steps make the most sense for you, and your needs.

For Those Interested in Our Virtual Advocacy Services

There are things you can do to for your safety and privacy. A non-exhaustive list includes:

  • Do not share your Zoom meeting ID and password with anyone
  • Choose a private setting and location for your appointment
  • Let your confidential advisor know if you are not in a private space
  • Keep in mind your background: take down anything you don’t want seen on screen or use a premade Zoom background

General Tech Safety Guidance