embedded confidential advisor program

In partnership with La Casa Cultural Latina and the Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center (BNAACC), Confidential Advisors provide onsite advocacy and support services to students, faculty, and staff and are located two days a week on Nevada Street in our partners' locations. Confidential Advisors are available in the WRC on alternate days to ensure campus coverage and accessibility.

Embedded confidential advisors strive to collectively address sexual violence and other forms of oppression by providing advocacy resources to survivors. A Confidential Advisor's main role as an employee of Illinois is to provide emergency and ongoing holistic support to survivors of sexual misconduct. Embedding this model within cultural centers on campus permits sexual violence prevention and response work to meet survivor needs in multiple locations, while engaging community strengths, and recognizing the barriers marginalized communities face when receiving support. This program was designed in partnership with both of our partners (staff and students), La Casa Cultural and BNAACC to ensure accessibility, culturally specific approaches, and ongoing collaboration and accountability. 

Embedded Advocate Hours:
Tuesday and Wednesday 10am - 4pm @ BNAACC
Wednesday 1pm - 5pm and Thursday 10am - 4pm @ La Casa